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O2System Framework

The Next Generation of PHP Framework

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Why PWA? What is PWA?


Why O2System?

The perfect combination of ease, intelligence, beauty, speed and power in one unity.

Zero Configuration

O2System can be easily installed without any configuration, you can also easily create controllers, models and views without creating any routing or loading commands. The real painless routing system and the intelligence will amaze you!

Rely-on SPL and PSR

O2System comes as the world's first PHP framework built with Standard PHP Library (SPL) as main-core dependency and is written compliance to all recommendations from the PHP Standard Recommendation (PSR). O2System also applies FIFO and LIFO layering methods make the memory usage becomes lighter and more efficient. The codes is expressive, easy to read and has a beautiful syntax!

Team Framework

O2System will make it easier for you to work together with your fellow Backend Developer and Frontend Developer. If you are a solo developer, you will not feel alone working because O2System will always help you as part of your team.

DOMDocument as HTML5 Render Engine

O2System is the world's first PHP framework use the PHP DOMDocument as HTML5 Render Engine make the rendering process faster and more efficient. Equipped with jQuery coding-style DOM manipulation.

Simultatious and Countless Parser Engine

O2System comes as the world's first PHP Framework with a simultaneous parser engine, you can run multiple parser simultaneously. You will also be introduced to a new parser engine that is very easy to write as easy as you write PHP code called Noodle Parser Engine. Parser engines that supported by O2System are countless, start from BBCode, Markdown, Dwoo, Mustache, Smarty, Twig even The Laravel Blade Parser has also been supported and as a bonus you can also use Wordpress alike Shortcode.

Built-In Theme

O2System comes as the world's first PHP Framework with theme support that already provides basic components, multipurpose and admin theme. Based-on jQuery and Bootstrap v4 make it easy to learn and use to build beautiful user-interface.

namespace App\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controller;

class Dashboard extends Controller
    public function index()
        presenter()->page->setHeader( 'This is my app dashboard' );


Enhanced with a variety of very powerful php class libraries.

Lightest and Fastest

Produce results at high speed with very small memory consumption.

100% Satisfaction

A very clever framework with smart routing system.


Reinforced with many security classes to build secure applications.


Written with expressive and beautiful syntax.

User Interface

Enriched with built-in ui theme and generator.

The Elements

Elements is a term of boilerplates provided by O2System, as the based substance of your application project. O2System Framework has provided 5 basic forms to ease you starting a new project.


For those who likes to make everything from scratch, you can start building your project using this element.

See Detail


Start building your web-based application using this boilerplate.

Coming Soon


Start building your website with content management system (CMS) using this boilerplate.

Coming Soon


Start building restful web-service using this boilerplate.

See Detail


Start building your command line interface (CLI) application using this boilerplate.

See Detail

The Atoms

Atoms is the term of the library packages that become the basic components of O2System Framework structure. The word "atom" comes from the Greek word meaning inseparable, because the atom is the smallest part of the universe and can not be divided. Like atoms in the universe consisting of three particles, so do the atoms in the O2System which consists of 3 particles: Kernel, PSR and Gear.

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